From Fundraising to Communications

As part of our preparations for the degree show in June, I was initially part of the fundraising group to raise money for the opening night of the exhibition to pay for drinks and such to entertain while visitors viewed the work. There was a certain group of people who chose to arrange a couple of bake sales and I simply contributed cakes or money to these events. I wanted to be more involved with the overall preparations for the show as I want it to be as good as it can be for the students and visitors, and so when I saw an email go out to everyone related to the design and communications of the show I decided to go for the meeting that was arranged.

The problem was that there had been little done in regards to designing the catalogue of our work and getting the word out through social media to advertise the opening of the exhibition. The design team had left all the main work to last minute and had not done any fundraising, which the fine art group had done. Some members of the fine art group (in communications group) were the ones to bring about the design meeting and we got things started properly thanks to them. I decided I would help in any aspect that I could, going to any meetings after that I could make it to, giving any ideas or designs my input so that we could all have our say. 

There ended up being around six of us (graphic design and fine art students) that gathered regularly to brainstorm and share our thoughts and ideas for the catalogue and main theme for posters and evites. The other fine art students asked me if I would like to be part of the communications team as we could then each run a social media page advertising the exhibition. 


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