The group of us on the design and communications met a coupe of times before the end of term to brainstorm ideas initially for a theme of the design as well as looking back on the catalogues from other universities and previous years at our university. We found that in the previous year in particular, the catalogue was quite basic, providing a page for an image and a tint of different colour blocks on the text page to allocate to an area of study. This looked to have been made with less imagination or to be simple and to the point. We decided initially as a group that we preferred a landscape book to a portrait one, which would provide better arrangement for the imagery and would be easier to see the pages. We also want for each student to get two sides of a page each so that people have more space to include more images of their work. 

Design wise, we had a board with space related and geometric sketches running throughout, strangely a lot of people had an interest in the design including geometrical shapes. Myself having my whole module basically revolve around geometric triangular shapes, I couldn’t argue that geometrics are interesting to look at and would be a good theme, but I didn’t want the end product to look too similar to my work since then it could look as if I designed the whole thing myself, when it would be the design team’s work. 


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