Spray Painting in the Car Park 

I’ve taken to moving onto spraying onto the walls of the actual car park rather than working on paper since I have a car to carry all my spray paints and other materials to use, which was a big worry previously. I parked in an area close to a wall I had marked with an ‘X’ that had a large space clear with a strip of black along the bottom of the wall. Since the space was not busy with traffic I could work directly onto the wall without fear that people would drive by constantly and become concerned with what I was doing. I had let the staff at the car park know what I was doing before hand to prevent worry should someone report a graffiti artist at work.  

     I used the same stencilling techniques over the wall, and found that the texture of the surface added more interesting visual qualities to the design of simple planet shapes that hadn’t been manipulated before covering up, which gave more positive outlook to the piece being site specific with the site being a positive influence on the work. 

It was easy to get carried away spreading the design across the wall, but I had to incorporate more colours into the space to save on black paint (since I was running out) and be more imaginative with the space. 

I also made another patch of space on a wall around the corner from the first design. I made some larger circles out of newspaper to create larger planets.i was pleased with the progression from one design to the other, though with running out of black, you can’t see defined shapes as much so I’d like to come back to this design when I have more paint to improve on it. 


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