Live Brief at work

At the Costa that I work at, we were given the challenge to come up with fundraising ideas to go towards the company’s charity (Costa Foundation) that helps build schools for and support the communities that grow the coffee beans in third world countries. My objective was to create a game we could draw in a majority of customers as well as incorporate the costa brand somehow. Other games we have done in our store include:

  • Balance 20p on lemon
  • Guess how many sweets are in the jar
  • Raffle for prizes

In a quick brainstorm of ideas I managed to come up with ‘the paper clip game’- what is involved is arranging a tray with a number of espresso take out cups flipped over and numbered (we decided on 20) under which 4 paper clips of different colours are placed underneath them for the customers to choose from. They pay out 50p first then pick the number of the cup and lift it to reveal if they have won. Each paperclip colour represents a prize. 

  • Blue – a free go
  • Green – any small drink
  • Pink- a selected promotional item*
  • Yellow/ red- any cake 

Up to now my game has captured the attention of most customers that pass through the store as it looks interesting and makes you want to reach out and pick up the cups to see what is underneath. In this brief that was given to us, I believe I have taken the customers into great consideration when thinking of something to raise money for charity. Proof of this lies in the hundreds of pounds the game has raised in so short a time, and has been brought back into action when fundraising becomes more prominent. A game of chance such as this can be enjoyed, yet even if you don’t win, it’s a donation to charity nonetheless! 

Another fundraising venture I went on was decorating the store for Halloween with lighthearted horror and having freebies of sweets given out to children etc in the hopes that people would donate for the cause. I was successful in raising over £150 in that time. 


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