My Ideas 

After a couple of our group meetings have passed and I have been producing some design ideas of my own to contribute towards getting to our final design. The theme has gone from one geometric form to another, Greek mythology theme to an iceberg. I have taken to the geometric theme as it has been a big part of what has consumed my most recent work. 

I used an app on my iPad to draw a few designs using the Ipencil which was similar to drawing using an actual pencil but I could change the tool and colour of  the lines I was making. I could also make paint plodges in the background (with the ability to erase them in a second) and blend various markings on the page. 

There was also the issue with coming up with a colour scheme that worked well for the cover and theme of the catalogue along side the posters and invites.  The popular colour scheme was consisting of cool tones of blues and greens broken up by a yellow tone. I spent some time also trying to create some colour combinations to see what works. I brought these combinations to the group and they seemed to prefer the bottom two images that incorporate blending light and dark shades of a yellow, navy and mint green. 

Using inspiration from a design from one of the other students, I developed my own designs that could be used to make a cover for our catalogue and promo material. 
        – The primary design I was inspired by. 

The above designs reflect my interpretations of a theme of ‘Beneath the Surface’ that refers to our iceberg design that can be developed. What I have thought about is making more visually striking designs that could incorporate metallic lines to grab the eye of the viewer. 

I’ve also thought about seperate designs that could be a broken up version of the main design that represent the various courses of study involved in the degree show. I also made another design (which is now my favourite of the selection) that focuses on a negative white on colour design with blots of paint in the background. My designs were not chosen to take forward for the catalogue since collectively people wanted the graphics students to make the design and make it more professional looking, which I can understand and doesn’t take away my enjoyment in experimenting with the design and being a part of the development. 


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