Our Final Designs 

We finally managed to get some final designs for the theme of the catalogue and Exhibit settled- still focused on an Iceberg for the logo (or a group of them) with the title of ‘Beneath The Surface’ representing the view of our work from the years at University (summarised by our degree show pieces) being simply the top of an iceberg that is uncovered to show our potential. We wanted to create something that seeks to engage our audience beyond our university experience. 

I was in charge of running the Instagram account for spreading the word and advertising our degree show through images such as the one shown above. I would give hints as to he direction of our designs and show pictures of Student’s work and share it online. 

The image above represents what will feature on our front page of our Catalogue- an arrangement of four iceberg shapes that each represent one of four departments of the University sharing work at the degree show. Those departments are as follows:

  • Fine Art 
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography 
  • Fashion

This is a poster that was made to promote the event of our Exhibition. The design is made prominent and bold, advertising the dates open to everyone for viewing the exhibition as well as the times it is open in the day. 


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